Tuesday, January 29, 2008

On-Point Radio Program

I just finished an hour radio broadcast - LIVE. People called in with comments and questions. Two of the 8 people were men. Two people agreed with me. One said I was giving away secrets and three disagreed with me. Of course I can't remember anything about those three conversations. I've posted the link if you want to listen for yourself. The book is out today.

Sunday, January 27, 2008


We're just 2 days away from the official launch.

Bookmark this page now, and be sure to check back later in the week for running updates on the launch party, the tour schedule, and more.

In the meantime, check out seducingtheboysclub.com to learn more about the book, and the entire cast of characters within.

Better yet, pre-order the book HERE,
AND then check out seducingtheboysclub.com